Every pet deserves more than a loving home, they deserve the right loving home.

Owning a dog or a cat is a wonderful thing.  Not only do dogs or cats provide a loving companionship, they have also been know to help man with the stress in their lives.

Bringing home a dog or a cat is a big responsibility and warrants the proper and careful consideration as to what is the right dog or cat for you and your family.  Some dogs are great in an apartment, but some need room to roam. Some cats have tempers while others are quite at ease with everyone.

Pedigree has a wonderful website (click on the link below) that will help you select the right dog for you. Also below are some short videos that may help as well.


Here are a couple of other websites, We Luv Puppies & Bump Reveal that have some wonderful information on various dog breeds and dogs for kids:



Have fun with your pet.  A healthy pet is a happy pet.  The right pet also makes for a happy family.