Eric Peterson has been training and showing dogs competitively since 1997. He has been teaching dog obedience classes in Orem since 2003 and currently works through UVU Community Education Classes.  Eric is not affiliated with Traverse Mountain Pet Care.  We provide you this information for your convenience.

If you would like your dog to be trained instead of you: Discover the basic obedience commands from sit, to heel, to come when called and also, learn how to properly socialize your dog in a group setting, give Eric a call.

Please contact him at (801)-362-6222 with any questions you may have. Eric is also available for in house private training.

The following website is Wasatch Canine Camp located in Orem.  We’ve heard several outstanding comments and would be another alternative.

Here are some additional websites you can visit for more information on training your dog:

Here are some special organizations for you to research if your interested in adopting a dog to help people with special needs or if you are interested in adopting a dog or cat or contributing to a cause.

Canine Assistants trains dogs to help people with special needs.

Guide Dogs for the Blind

Utah Humane Society

Four Paws for Ability Providing Needs for Children with Disabilities.

American Humane Association

Brown Dog Foundation